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The following "Photo Galleries" have been assembled from photographs taken by event attendees.

If you have photographs that you would like to contribute, please EMAIL Brian Watson.


2008 - Photos / In-Car Video

GALLERY 1 (John Avery) - 127 PHOTOS

GALLERY 2 (Howie & Mary Hodge) - 539 PHOTOS


High Quality, 68 MB - CLICK HERE
Low Quality, 22 MB - CLICK HERE

To Play: Simply click on the video of choice.

To Save To Your Computer, (preferred method): Right click on video, choose "Save Target As", then click OK.

2007 - Photos

Professional event photographer Brian Swinn took over 600 great photos. These photos have been divided up into the following categories: Awards, Open Wheel On Track, Stocks / Modifieds On Track & Misc. Garage Photos.

Please click on the following link to view the photos:

If you see a photograph that is of interest to you Brian Swinn would be happy to supply you with a copy of that photo for a small fee. (We request a small fee to help offset Brian’s cost of attending our event and providing us with these great photos). If you see a photo that you would like a copy of please email Brian: a) description of the car, b) number of the car, c) your complete contact information and he will then respond promptly. Brian’s email address is: Thank you.

Prices (all-inclusive, including shipping) are:

4 x 6: $3.00
5 x 7: $8.00
8 x 10: $15.00
10 x 15: $25.00
16 X 20: $40.00

Please send a check in advance made out to:

Brian W. Swinn
159 Sugar Hill Road
Rexford, NY 12148

Prices for larger sizes on request. Special cropping (probably only rarely necessary) is $2.00 per photos and can apply as a single charge to all copies and sizes made from the same negative at the same time.

2006 - Photos
Gallery 1
132 Pictures
Gallery 2
Contributing Photographers
211 Pictures

2005 - Photos
Gallery 1
Brian Watson + Contributing Photographer
87 Pictures
Gallery 2
87 Pictures

2005 - Videos

Date: May 18 - 19, 2005

Description: Cars on track and in the garage.

Time: 4 minutes, 37 seconds

Date: May 18 - 19, 2005

Driver: Brian Watson

Description: Push off, Warm ups, Green flag running.

Time: 5 minutes, 57 seconds

More coming soon...

To Play: Simply click on the video of choice.

To Save To Your Computer, (preferred method): Right click on video, choose "Save Target As", then click OK.

2003 & 2004 - Pictures
Gallery 1
140 Pictures
Gallery 2
55 Pictures

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Vintage Celebration
("Vic Yerardi Memorial") is the largest on track vintage oval racing car event in the US. Eligible vintage racing cars include: Midgets, Sprints, Champ cars, Indy cars and Stock cars. The event was the brainchild of Bob Bahre, New Hampshire International Speedway owner, and the late Vic Yerardi, a huge supporter of the Vintage Race Car movement.

Cars travel from as far away as California and Florida to participate in the event. Each year a Grand Marshall is named for the celebration. In past years, notables like Roger Ward, A.J. Watson, Buster Werke, Ron Bouchard & Ken Squier were honored.

Curious what an offenhauser sounds like at speed? Curious what 5-10 offenhausers at speed sound like? Curious what a Champ car sounds like at speed? Come out and experience with us what has been one of the best kept secrets. Expect to be impressed by the facility, by the people and by the RACING CARS!

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